I have lived my life with one goal, to know God. At first I thought that simply meant to know about Him. But, as I have grown in my faith I have realized how wrong I was. Since then, I grown to crave his love, his heart and to not only know about Him but know Him.

This blog started as a prideful attempt to share my knowledge with others and I have only kept my original posts to show you the full effect of how God has changed me. But now, I want to be vulnerable. I want to show you my heart, what grieves me, what pains me and the things I desire most. I want to show you my heart so that through me, maybe just maybe, you will be inspired to initiate your own quest to know God. That, is what this page has become to me. A quest to know God. My life’s journey.

God Bless,

Morgan Groenewald


  1. I love your passion for Jesus and your eagerness to help raise up a generation that follows God with boldness and no hesitation. I pray God blesses what you are doing for Him on this earth and that you will just move from glory to glory and experience His love every day! 🙂

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