Today is the second anniversary of the day God joined Pierre and I together as one in covenantal matrimony!! Words fail to describe how joyful, grateful, hopeful and excited this makes me feel… but I can try…

First of all, I love so much that our anniversary is in October! Thanksgiving inspires such a thankful attitude in me that makes me ponder all the wonderful reasons I am thankful for Pierre in my life. I would like to share these reasons, not only for the encouragement of my husband, or the witness of God’s faithfulness but also for the reminder of the overflowing love we share that Satan so desperately tries to tear apart… but Satan, you are not that powerful!

I would be lying if I didn’t say that the first year of our marriage was probably the worst year in both Pierre and I’s entire lives! I don’t doubt that God intentionally brought us together so young and anyone who really knows us can testify to the fact that in that year we were truly stripped of everything we held dear and the good that has come from that is only by God’s grace… and it is truly beautiful. Since then, God has revealed to us the beauty and the true gift of marriage as well as the intense responsibility that God entrusts to us as we enter into it.

They say that reflection is 20/20. I can totally attest to that! Looking back, it is so unbelievable how God brought us to where we are today, I think the most incredible is how God has revealed to Pierre his call for ministry. It is beyond beautiful for me to watch God working through Pierre as he uses his spiritual gifts to speak. It makes me want to grab a pen and write down every eloquent word that comes out of his mouth, knowing that the insight is straight from my heavenly Father. The more he studies, learns and applies God’s teaching the more I see how God has called my husband and the better I understand and feel God’s love for me!

God has been so faithful to us these past two years in every conceivable way, in the good times we’ve discovered his grace but in the bad times we’ve seen his grace even more. We’ve seen his protection, his guidance, his restoration, and most of all his love. God continues to teach us daily and our hunger is growing!

Pierre and I are a perfect team, I see it more and more everyday. Where I am weak he is strong and where I am strong he is weak. Daily we learn from each other and build off each other. Knowing this, I can’t put into words how excited I am to serve with him and to help him for as long as we have together on this earth.

As frustrating as marriage is, I am learning more and more everyday how beautiful it is! How incredible to demonstrate Christ and the church, the son and the Father! How wonderful to proclaim that to the ends of the earth!

Pierre, I am so thankful that you have entrusted me with your heart, have entrusted me with your household, and entrusted me with your good. I pray that God would enable me to live in a manner that is worthy of that responsibility. I am so thankful for your incredibly compassionate heart when I struggle with fear and with pride. I am thankful for your heart for the lost and your strong faith in the power of God! I am thankful for your leadership, your willingness to get back up every time you fall and your incredible desire to always be better. I am thankful for your humility, your vulnerability, your patience, your humor and your joy. I am thankful that you make me a better woman.

You frustrate me. You annoy me. You disappoint me. But, above all of that, you are such an amazing man. You humble me and you inspire me. You make me so unbelievably proud to be your wife, and I just want to shout it from the rooftops, I can’t hold it in!!

This year my goals for our marriage are:
– To be vulnerable about our marriage with others and to counter the idea that marital issues must be private.
– To think of our marriage in the context of our purpose to advance the gospel to the ends of the earth.
– To tell you immediately when I feel hurt or offended and stop bottling things up!!
– To deal with issues in the mindset that you are not the problem, all issues are a sin issue.
– To be more aware of the spiritual war going on around us.
– To pray with you daily.
– To better understand my role of submission and to explore what it looks like to help you daily.

My heart is so full and it is only because in this past year I have finally learned what it means to love God more than you, which has in turn taught me how to respect and love you all the more!! I am so grateful that God gave me you to be my teammate as we seek to engage on the frontlines of this battle for the victory of Christ! God truly knew what I needed when he gave me you. From the moment we had come to the end of ourselves and decided to hand our marriage completely over to God, every day just keeps getting better and better! Whenever the days get tough I keep going back to that and I can’t help but feel joyful in the faithfulness of God! You are my teammate, my favorite, my best friend, my plus one, and I heart you with all of my love. 😉 I am stoked to live and embrace Phil. 1:21 with you wherever God may lead us, only time will tell! Haha!

Dear Heavenly Father,
I thank you for the two incredible years I have had with this amazing man. I thank you that as he seeks you, you continually draw near to him and guide him. I’m thankful that I can fully submit to him knowing that ultimately you have my future in your hands. I pray that you would continually enable me to be the wife that I need to be for him, especially as he acts upon this incredible calling you’ve placed on his life. I pray that you would humble me and help me to overflow grace onto him. I pray that Pierre would feel comfortable to open up to me and be vulnerable without fear of resentment or exploitation. I pray that you would enable me to live in such a way that I bring honor to him and that above that I live to make your name be seen as holy. I pray that as he and whoever else you lead to read this post would hold me accountable to my goals for this year to grow into the picture of a Godly wife in Proverbs 31. Lord, I surrender my marriage to you. As we enter this next year of marriage, give us confidence in our prayers, make us generous with our earthly possessions, help us to live in purity, grant us joy in the midst of suffering and send us out to proclaim your gospel!! Lord, prepare us for your plans and calling on our lives as we wait with eager anticipation to see how we fit into your glorious picture. Help us to be diligent with our time and offer ourselves daily to you. Use us, mold us and guide us. I pray that you would help us to know you more and more with each passing day.
In Jesus’ name,

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