We left so early; I couldn’t help but sleep on the long drive home. As I woke, I thought of how funny I must’ve looked, greasy hair lacking the shower I was unable to take this morning, creases indented in my hair from the previous day’s adventures, lack of makeup to masque the imperfections and oh the list goes on!

I looked over to the empty seat beside me, remembering how my husband had wanted to go out for a nice breakfast with me. I had told him that we couldn’t… I mean just look at me! We settled for timbits and coffee at Timmies, which, I guess is not such a bad trade. Though, I still pondered how I could surprise him by my sudden desire to enter into public audiences.

Still lingering in my sleepy state, I asked God to make me beautiful. Knowing God is fully capable of more than we can imagine, I imagined how with the wave of His hand He could bring me luscious curls, movie make-up and everything this world classifies as presentable.

In the moments that followed that request, nothing changed. I looked in the mirror and saw the same face staring back at me.

I asked God to make me beautiful… and He did.

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