Why do you accuse God of not answering you? Why do you accuse God of not noticing?

Do you not realise that it is you who can’t hear, and you who can’t see?

It’s no wonder we can’t understand, Gods thoughts are not our thoughts and His ways are not our ways. (Isaiah 55:8-9)

Psalm 94 9-11

Does he who fashioned the ear not hear? Does he who formed the eye not see? Does he who disciplines nations not punish? Does he who teaches mankind lack knowledge? The Lord knows all plans; he knows that they are futile.

These days the world is so fast paced and we have so many questions. We try to get answers by reading our bibles, by praying, by fitting God into our fast-paced lives for just a moment so we can finally get our answers only to find that we don’t hear anything back. We blame God for our problems and we blame Him for not solving them. We stop to ask our questions but we don’t stop long enough to listen.

God made us in His image. (Genesis 1:27) God would not give us an ear with the purpose of hearing if He Himself did not have the ability to listen to our problems. He would not give us eyes to see if He Himself could not watch His children grow. It seems so silly to me to accuse Him of not listening or noticing when He was the one who created that ability. You see, therefore, the problem lies with us.

God is perfect, we are not. His timing is perfect.

As much as we try, we can’t fit God into our busy schedules… our schedules need to be based on His timing.

Sometimes the answer is yes, sometimes its no, often its not yet, but always the answer is ‘keep praying.’

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