Matthew 25:31-46

Do you remember at beginning of your marriage when the honeymoon stage had passed and the world seemed to start caving in? Do you remember feeling suffocated by the weight of unfulfilled expectations? Do you remember struggling for the money just to simply get through the month, and all the while wishing you could just get away from it all? If only you could take a trip, go away for the weekend, anything! But you didn’t have the money. Do you remember feeling stuck, like all the dreams you had hoped for this wonderful life together would never come to pass?

I’m only beginning to understand this feeling. Though, when I think about it, my mind wanders elsewhere…

I am reminded of my time in South Africa when I had asked the under privileged students I taught english to to tell me what they wanted to be when they grew up. The answers they had given me were the same answers you would hear in a classroom here in Canada. I can vividly remember each of them explaining their choice with such enthusiasm as if they could be the one to beat the odds and attain their dream.

I am not writing to say that there are many people suffering in a worse situation than you, you already know that. I am writing to you to say that you have a responsibility to do something about it.

When you went through that stage at the beginning of your marriage, of course it was tough, but you made a plan, and you acted upon it. The children I taught can be compared to the honeymoon stage, they had such big hopes and dreams for their life which was so humbling to see in the midst of such a difficult culture. Yet, those same children will grow older only to realize how stuck they are within their society and how little options they really have. They would not even dream to go away for the weekend or take a trip somewhere because they will never receive that luxury. It would be a joke to say such things. They don’t need to understand the size of this world because they’ll never get the chance to see it. They’re stuck. They don’t get to make a plan. They don’t have the luxury to oppose what their culture tells them. They’re stuck. They’re isolated. The only thing that can break through the barriers that oppose them is a miracle. YOU ARE THAT MIRACLE!

We were not blessed with the privileges we were given to watch idly by and keep our blessings to ourselves. We were born into the cream of the crop, not to sit in the lap of luxury but to make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate. We do not overcome the trials of this culture to dwell in our success. As quickly as God has given, he can take away. Everything we have is His.

We are all His children and God does not play favorites.

If it was your child living among the African children, what would you do?

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