* New Years Resolution *

This morning, I was getting ready for the day when I glanced down at my Lululemon bag (You know, the ones that have random quotes written all over it), and when I did, I saw a brilliant question staring back at me.

“What would you do if nothing stood in your way?”

At first, I asked myself, “What’s standing in my way?” I thought about how young I am to start a writing ministry on my own, how silly I must look sharing my views when I dont even have a degree to prove my credibility, and how naive I must be to think that God could use me for this purpose instead of everyone else that seems like a more suitable choice.

It’s about who you know.

Have you ever heard this phrase when applying for a job? Its beyond true! I received a job as a medical secretary with a high school education simply because I had good references on my resume. I know for a fact that I was not the most qualified applicant because we received many resumes from people who had taken office courses, medical terminology courses, had knowledge of the software and years of experience. I remember thinking “This isn’t fair.” Why should I get the job when there are so many people more qualified than I who deserve it so much more? I was frustrated, I felt like I couldn’t do anything on my own, and I was right.

Though the references helped me to get the job, they didn’t help me keep the job. I worked 110% to prove that I was just as good if not better than anyone they could’ve hired that did have the credentials they were looking for and through that, I proved myself all the more.

Its the same way with God. He hires us when we are unqualified, broken, and still trying to figure it all out for ourselves because its then, that we have the opportunity to prove our capability and in the process, learn just how capable we really are! God gets so much more glory from choosing those who are unqualified and raising them up because its something we just don’t understand. God thrives in being mysterious.

The only thing that’s holding you back is you.

God has nothing holding Him back, which means the only thing standing in your way is you. YOU are what is holding you back from having the joy you so desperately want. YOU are the reason you feel far away from God. YOU are the reason you feel like you’re lacking action in your faith. YOU are what is holding you back from “being chosen.” YOU are already chosen, YOU just have to say “Yes!” Philippians  4:13.

New Years Resolution

As you all make your new years resolutions, I want you to consider your priorities. If God is your number one, I want you to let it show in your resolutions. Our purpose as Christians is to go out and make disciples. (Matthew 28:19). We already know that nothing is standing in our way! What bold gesture can you make for God this year? Be creative!

*  I d e a s  *

  • My New Years resolution this year is to pray more. The funny thing about praying is you can always do more of it! I want to start praying for the random people I see on the street, and for the people who haven’t even arrived into my life yet. I’m starting a journal in which I will write down daily prayer requests from others and jot them down as well as my own prayer items and spend some time each day just circling that entire list. Plus, with a journal, I’ll be able to track Gods miracles! How cool is that!
  • Make a Bible reading plan. 30 day challenge?
  • Create a bucket list of ways you can bless people in the new year.
  • Ask God to put someone on your heart to meet with and mentor to, spend the new year building into their lives. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much you also learn in the process!
  • Start a ministry in the church or get involved in a program that’s already running, we need more leaders, and more leaders to make leaders. That’s YOU!
  • There are so many wonderful ways we can serve God with our many diverse gifts! What is God placing on your heart to work on? What is a tangible way you can consistently remind yourself to do this?

May God bless you, strengthen you, and light a fire in your heart that cannot be quenched! Best of luck in 2015!!! 🙂

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